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Lately, I have noticed a severe lack of proper respect being shown to the Mistresses and can not allow it to continue. Effective immediately, the following rules must be implemented when communicating here at the Institute.

  1. Clients will always refer to the Mistresses as Ma’am or by their fully titled name, i.e. Mistress Amber.
  2. Unless you are given express permission from myself, nicknames such as “Mistress A” are forbidden. 
  3. When acknowledging an assignment, use the same care in your reply that the Mistress took in crafting the assignment. For example, Pieclown‘s acknowledgment, “Hello, I see I have more writing to do.” is unacceptable.  The correct response should be similar to the following: “Mistress Amber, I accept your assignment to write a second chapter for the Cheer Me Up story series.


For every infraction of these rules, the offender will write the following statement one hundred (100) times.

I have been disrespectful to Mistress_______(insert name). From this time forward, I will address her properly and exercise care in my responses to her to avoid offending her further.

The offender will be dressed in clothing of the Mistress’ choosing and will hold a bar of soap in their mouth for the entire time needed to complete the punishment. As always, pictures will be required for verification.

As always, all clients must acknowledge these rules by posting a proper comment.

— Mistress Heavynne Yeardleigh

Amber Shummer Revealed

This post is to declare that pieclown’s apology is finished–I do not care if it was completed or not. Normally, Amber Shummer does a good job training, but it is time to move on. She should be a good trainer–I trained her. Perhaps I can have Amber teach me more about how this works as soon as her punishment is finished.

— Mistress Heavynne Yardleigh

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