pieclown: Apology to missy maid

After further consultation with missy maid, this is the punishment for pieclown. It is due by the end of the month.

Since missy maid is concerned that you will try to cheat in this punishment, all activities are to be recorded via (1) video camera, (2) web camera, (3) automatic (every 30 seconds) camera, or (4) a friend taking pictures for you. (Missy maid would like the last one, so they you can be forced to serve them after this apology is finished. I don’t really care that much.)

1. Get yourself dressed up, proper feminine makeup required, with properly sized and weighted breast forms. (Definitely no smaller than the ones you used for the second alphabet.) You will be properly corseted, plugged, packaged and ball gagged.

2. Prepare the location by setting up the camera, then a digital clock and an analog clock in the background (that will still show up in the pictures).

3. Kneeling, with your hands behind your head, meditate for 30 minutes. (Note that it is improper to have any external input interrupt or end you meditation.) If you will have trouble with your eyes darting all over the place, then you should use a blindfold during the meditation.

4. If required, bring a chair and/or table to the camera area.

5. Handwrite an apology to missy maid, explaining what you did wrong and offering a retribution punishment for the grief you caused her. (1500 words would be an appropriate length, but that shouldn’t cut you off.)

6. Move the camera setup to the computer (of vice versa) and type the apology as a comment to this post.

7. Take photographs (or scan) the original apology letter.

8. Post all of the pictures and video to The Institute’s [ftp site][1].

Remember, this is due by the end of the month and you should always let me know that you have received the punishment by sending email or posting a comment.

[1]: ftp://shummer@institute.cdpunishment.com/


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I pie clown here by issue an apology to Missy maid. I wish to state my sincere regret to the trouble I have caused you. I will set out how this got started. Then I will share what my action cause to happen to missy maid from master Reginald, Miss and Mister Yanton. And how what happen to missy maid could have cased missy maid great trouble.

It all started when mistress amber required me to, pie clown, to create a human alphabet. Now I took this a challenge for I had to come up with replacement letters.The site showed some letter using two people. I do not have a second person to that shares my thinking so for the G and the H I had to do some fancy thinking.

But before I could do the alphabet, I shared two things that would cause me +
One was that I said I would wear a pink swim suite with white panty hose. I was required to use a solid color background and I thought I had a solid black background. I was mistaken; it had purple on both sides. So I had to use dark color hose. I had also made a statement about the being packaged. I knew that this meant for my ball sack and penis to be bound up, but I had read that Myckie Jo was required to wear a chastity device. Now I do not own one or have the enough money to buy such item.

These 2 items brought Mistress Amber to require me to do it again. This time with corseted, plugged, packaged and gagged. This was not the worse part; I had to do numbers as well as letters. I again set up the backdrop, but the site with the alphabet was not letting me see ideas for numbers. This brought problem for me to do the one and “I” and the zero and “O”. I went and did my best. This is where the problem comes to be. Mistress Amber posted the alphabet and told me to decipher it. I had made 2 sets and could make out what it was. But Master Reginald required missy maid to do the same. She could not and was punished for this. Master Reginald invited miss and mister Yanton over. Missy maid had to service Mr. Yanton. I am sure this meant that missy maid was giving him blowjob. Missy maid has said in the past she did not like to suck dick. During this time Miss Yanton spanked missy maid rear. Then Missy maid had to service miss Yanton. During this time Mr. Yanton placed clothespins all over missy maid. I am sure she had it on her already spanked ass. As well as missy maid’s inside thigh, back of her thigh, nut sack, penis, and maybe even on her anus it self. I am sure this was a very painful for missy maid to suffer.

Missy maid was also told she would have to do better of Mr. Yanton would get a chance at her. I am sure that Mr. Yanton would not have been a gentle lover in penetrating missy maid, I feel that her would have raped missy maid hard and with out remorse. Some thing that missy maid has shared as something that she would be scared that may happen.

Missy maid was force to ride in a truck of a car. Now this may not seem much, but it was quite dangerous. One there is not padding in the trunk and if miss Yanton had stopped to soon of took a corner to fast missy maid would have been hurt. Then there are the fumes from the gas. This could have hampered missy maid breathing. Then if there had been an accident we would have a smashed missy maid. I am sorry that I have placed you missy maid in such danger.

Missy maid had to suffer the shame that work would know about these events. But missy maid had to go to work in white clothes with black bra, panties, and panty hose on. She had to have bottle caps in her shoes. This would have cause great pain and even cutting of the skin on her feet. There was also sand paper placed in her bra. I am sure she had very sore nipples and breast by the day is over.

I am sorry to hear that miss Yanton has taken missy maid from master re. Master Reginald has reported that missy maid now serves on her knees; with her self bound in a very uncomfortable way. Missy maid was also servings guest under the table of getting miss Yanton cane. But the worse was missy maid was then stationed in the toilet for all to see fit to use. So here I sit, with a six-inch but plug up my ass, wearing a corseted, wearing a bra with frozen and leaking forms. And wearing 2 panties, hose, and shoes, a blue skirt, and purple top. I am also wearing red lipstick, broken half wig, rouge, mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner saying.

I am sorry.

Ok, I pie clown have returned to write: “more works”. My first attempt to write an apology to Mistress Missy Maid only came up with 800 plus words. I am required to do one thousand five hundred words. Now I could just write write write more more more words. But I am sure Mistress Amber would not like that. I am have only use the earlier as an example of writing many of the same word over and over in a row. To this I think would be cheating and that is what Mistress Missy Maid was worried that I would find some way of cheating out of this punishment.

So I sit back down to write part two of the apology to Mistress Missy Maid. But before I started to write, I again got prepared. I am wearing gold eye shadow, and mascara. I have on Mary Kay eyeliner. I bought it for clowning; it stays on quite well and requires a makeup remover. I have on red rouge. I also have on lipstick. This was use for my “Writing on the Wall” punishment. I have also a placed a six inch butt plug up my rear end, yes I sit here with the butt plug firmly up my ass hole. Yes this whole thin makes me feel like and ass, but I will get to that latter. I have my nut sack and penis tied up in a package. The last time I got a rope burn. Does this please Mistress Missy Maid? That I got a rope burn on my boy clint?
I have placed on a black girdle and black bra. Missy Maid had to go to work in a black bra and black panties. This was because I could not make an alphabet she could read. Missy Maid was required by Mistress Yanton to wear white blouse and slacks over this. I also have on a white blouse, so I guess I am subjecting my self to some of the punishment she was force to inure. (And only some).

I also have on my black corset. I have one of the forms from last time. Now last time both were frozen. This time only one is partial frozen. I took it out of the freezer earlier. There is still ice in this form. The second form from last broke. So for the first part of this punishment assignment, I had a block of ice on my boobies the size of a cantaloupe.
True the other was frozen too, but it was still in its double balloons and not leaking over me. The second balloon form has been replace by a water balloon. Now this was to have been a double water balloon, but the outer balloon popped in filling it. So if I make a wrong move, the balloon will pop, and I will get as wet as if was sitting in a dunk tank
I am wearing a blue skirt, perfect for waltzing. Hey I am a clown, and have to something to take my mind off the way I am feeling. Speaking of feeling. I do have the golf ball gag in my mouth. NOT FUN. Last time I did this, I started coughing and choking on this damn ball. NOT FUN. Now the white blouse, I bought for a Mrs. Doughtfire costume. That Halloween party was fun, I even got well pied. I have to keep good my thought in my head, with all the distractions.

Now how do I feel? I am distracted in three places. One it is the golf ball gag. Then there are the cold and frozen boobs. I had a red chest last time I took the frozen ones off my chest. It also left my boobies tender for a few days or so. I likely had them in for over 2 hours. Then there is the six-inch invader up my ass hole. Now Missy maid had her mouth invaded by Mr. Yanton and I am sure many others including her old master, Master Reginald. He shared that missy maid had to service guest at the poker game. So I sit her sorry for her sucking dicks by having a six-inch butt plug planted firmly up my ass. Boy does it ever want to come out. I need to write more.

One other thing was missy maid was spanked 1000 swats with Mistress Yanton’s favorite paddle. I have read that some server punishments like this have resulted in trips to see the doctor. I am sorry that missy maid was spanked so long and hard. But happy that she was not forced to go to the doctor. That would be humiliations.
Mistress Missy Maid I am sorry that you now serve Mistress Yanton. She is a woman that could break many a man, and all sissies. I am sorry that you may never read this. I am sorry that you now may never share more adventures you have.

I am sorry

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