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missy maid Responds to pieclown

I just got this response from missy maid regarding the [apology from pieclown][1]:

> mistress amber,

> missy maid is sorry she had not been able to respond to miss pieclown sooner. missy maid has had a difficult time obtaining enough good behavior credits for missy maid to be online to respond. missy maid also be careful because miss yaton

> miss yaton was furious that miss pieclown misspelled miss yaton’s name in the apology. miss yaton declared missy maid will spend one night as a tightly bound, corseted, plugged and gagged serving maid for each time miss yaton’s name was misspelled. missy maid will be serving for 15 days, including being taken to a halloween party with missy maid’s coworkers. if missy maid is not a good girl during this punishment then missy maid will be ungagged for the halloween party so that missy maid may be used by the guests.

> missy maid knows miss pieclown means well, but cannot accept miss pieclown’s apology until miss pieclown fixes all of the errors in grammar in miss pieclown’s apology. missy maid also overheard miss yaton tell mstr reginald miss yaton was going to have missy maid caned at the party, basing the strokes on home many errors in grammar the guests were able to find.

> missy maid does not want to be caned and missy maid hopes miss pieclown can find and fix all of her errors.

So it looks like this apology isn’t done yet, at least as far as missy maid is concerned. Will pieclown be able to fix all of the errors (like “Mrs. Doughtfire”, “truck of a car” and “master re.”) to prevent the caning of missy maid? I have no idea, but I think missy maid hopes so.

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2008/07/pieclown_apology_to_missy_maid

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