Peppermint Patty

When I arrived at home this afternoon, [The Ladies of the Institute][1] met me at the door and told me that I was going to be dressed and offered to Mistress for punishment this evening.

They started by tightly wrapping my package with several strips of cloth and panty hose, before pulling on the thong. The panty hose that went on next are heeld in place by a double layer of rubber corsets that do a good job to improve my figure. To keep the package from moving around, they then put on a panty girdle. And then another one. And a third. To fill out the top, the breasts are help in place by a coupld of large bras–FF cups which get completely filled out. The outer clothing, a pair of jeans and a V-neck shirt, help to hid the ankle and wrist cuffs which are both locked on.


After I completed a couple of tasks, The Ladies granted my request to go to the restroom. It wasn’t an unreasonable request since they hadn’t allowed my a trip when I first arrived. They thought differently, however, and before I got dressed they should it would be good idea to coat my package in chapstick. The peppermint kind. Combined with the clothespins they had put on my nipples (under the water balloons), I was burning all over. (After completing a couple of other tasks, they judged my behavior improved enough to remove them while I typed this entry.)

So here I sit now, still trussed, waiting for her response as to whether I will be punished this evening. If so, it’s likely that I won’t be able to sit comfortably tomorrow–but the waiting is still the worst part. Except maybe the clothespins, which will be replaced as soon as I am finished typing this sentence.


Since my punishment for this evening has been declined, The Ladies would like to know how you think I should be punished next time. No reasonable, and even some unreasonable, punishments will be refused.



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well its summer. I think she needs a pink bathing suit, a bikini to be precise ————and then tan lines!!

have her either go alone or go with Miss Penny, set a minimum of 10 to 15 suits to try on in the store. She should be leashed and collared while in the store (hopefully in the Mall too) and of course dont leave without more panties and a cute bra and/or lingerie, worn on the outside of her (feminine?) shopping attire.

Pool pics should be taken showing off the new suit. Both in the water and lounging in a recliner at poolside or ..gasp..actually serving the ladies tea!!

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