Endless Punishment — Bedtime

Mistress Amber has promised that the clothespins will come off when I am dressed for bed. She just hasn’t said what that will include or how long that will take. Apparently she thinks I didn’t get enough bedtime bondage two nights ago. At least getting the clothespins off is something to look forward to.


As expected, getting dressed for bed took much longer than expected. She had me take off one article of clothing or bondage at a time, then take a picture of myself using the 10 second delay on the camera. After taking each picture I had to come back and type which item had just been removed.

* Left ankle cuff lock
* Right ankle cuff lock
* Right ankle cuff
* Left ankle cuff
* Black girdle panties
* White girdle panties
* Blue pantyhose
* Black g-string
* Forward snap on the penis harness
* Back snap on the penis harness

And then she has me put the new sleepwear on one item at a time:

* Red shaping panties
* White waist cincher

The gray tights were supposed to go on next, but no, they have to go under the previous two pieces, so I have two more pictures to strip down before I can start taking them again to build up:

* Black G-String
* Gray Tights
* Right Ankle Cuff
* Left Ankle Cuff
* Clip between ankle cuffs
* Left ankle cuff lock
* Right ankle cuff lock

And that is when it got ridiculous. To put on the red panties I had to take off the clip between the cuffs, so that was another picture. And since she wanted the clip on, I had to put it back on. Three pictures to get the red shaping panties on. Then its time for the white waist cincher, but she decides, in her infinite wisdom, that she wants the red panties on the outside, so it’s another three pictures to take the panties back off.

I managed to pull the white cincher on over my clipped ankles, so this time through each hook and eye closure becomes a new picture to take. Three on the crotch, six on the waist. Since it takes about 30 seconds per picture, that’s another five minutes of clothespin hell to get the waist cincher back on. And another three pictures to get the red panties back on and one final picture for the pink nightgown.

It’s at this point I think to ask if she is going to make me sleep in my rubber corset. The answer is no–if I want to go through the process of taking it off, which would require me to strip down, once piece at a time. Since my clothespins were nearing the two hour mark, I declined to remove the corset. I may regret that later though.

So finally my clothespins can come off, one piece at a time remove the night gown, picture, remove the clothespin, picture, put the night gown back on, picture. For all four of them. Another 12 pictures. So after an hour of useless picture taking I am finally ready for bed. Almost.

Mistress Amber doesn’t think that I will sleep well in the corset, so will have to come off. And, since I didn’t think of it before I started getting ready, this time I will be required to change all my clothes in high heels. Oh, and a collar would be added to my sleeping arrangement. And I will be gagged for the remainder of the pictures, which will start as soon as Amber gets done with her break, during which I am being sent back outside–in my nightgown.

If I had known getting “dressed for bed” for bed would have taken this long, I’d have started at 8pm.

**Update 2:**

The good news is that Mistress Amber relented on me taking all the pictures. The bad news is that I don’t have to take all those pictures because I will be sleeping in my corset. In fact I will be sleeping just as I am now, except she will remove my gag and high heels. Once I pickup everything in the house that she got out during my punishment. Assuming I don’t drool on my new gown.

![Ready for Bed](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2007/01/btsp_070103-059s.jpg)


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