little sissy maid claire’s daily chore

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little sissy maid claire's daily chore   I need to get me a pretty maid like this to clean the toilets around the office. It might even boost the morale around here.
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14 thoughts on “little sissy maid claire’s daily chore

  1. Miss Mama

    If I was going to put someone in a maid uniform I think I would make them rake leaves in the front yard where everyone could see instead.

  2. Sissy_misty

    Oh she is so lucky! You don’t how much worse it can be than. as a sissy who’s cleaned a few toliets, brushs were a rare gift given to me though truthfully if i wasn’t such a submissive little thing, i wouldn’t of done it. I’ve licked a few toliets clean on nothing more than vague orders from other online freinds who ‘know’ about my fetish.

    1. Mistress Katzenburg

      That would certainly be appreciated. I hope he is better trained than many that come through here—most couldn’t get past the simple things long enough to be able to clean the toilets and I imagine many would be tied across the desk in the office waiting for a paddling, after being sent to the store in full big-titted maid regalia.

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