With Crumpets – Chapter 2 – Contractually Obligated

MJ wasn’t sure what all happened after she opened the door. Mistress M seemed excited and welcomed in Mistress Tea, but Mistress Tea never said anything, and with the blindfold and hood, MJ had no idea who she was. The worry about the identity of this mysterious Tea was soon forgotten as MJ found herself laying on what seemed like a picnic table bench. With a quickness and strength MJ rarely saw, M soon had her in an upside down hogtie. After tightening some straps around her legs and replacing the gag, MJ assumed that M must be pleased. At least she had finished fiddling.

“I’m sorry I can’t offer you some coffee, Mistress Tea,” M started, “my maid is a bit tied up at the moment. At least I can offer you this much more comfortable seat.”

MJ wasn’t sure what M was referring to until she felt a pressure on her gag and an assault on her nose. M had replaced the flat front gag with a double dildo, and Mistress Tea was now in the process of impaling herself on MJ’s face. After several more strokes, Tea bottomed out, sharing her full aroma with MJ. MJ was still trying to take all of this in as Mistress Tea exclaimed, “Well, I declare. This sissy of yours really does make a comfortable seat.”

MJ started shaking. “Not her. Anybody but her,” she thought to herself. Out of all the people in this city, why did M pick her for this? And were there other plans? Was Mistress Tea only over for the afternoon? How would this affect the other interactions they had? MJ continued shaking as she thought through all of the ramifications of the next time she would see Tea out on the street–when she wasn’t playing Mistress.

“Well, Mistress Tea. It seems that MJ recognizes you.”

“Damn right I do,” MJ continued thinking to herself. “Not that it does any good since she’s know who I am for quite a while and I only find out about her once she’s started fucking my face.” And how long has she known about this? I’m guessing that you didn’t just call her up this morning. How long has you been feeding her information about your little sissy husband?

“It’s good that she does. It will save us from an awkward introduction later. Now, lets get down to business.” And so Mistresses M and Tea started talking in hushed tones. MJ tried to follow along, but soon gave up and let he mind wander back to the the thoughts about why Tea was chosen. Even that eventually faded, and as M and Tea continued their conversation, MJ just concentrated on breathing with Tea continuing to sit on her face.

– — • — –

Mistress Tea got up from her seat, snapping MJ back to the reality of the situation. Mistress M was all business as she unstrapped MJ from the bench, removed the gag and pulled off the hood. Tea was finally able to see the sissy face-to-face. She instantly realized that MJ had not been able to hear the conversation of the past hour and had no idea what Mistress M was about to tell her. Tea watched with suppressed glee as Mistress M started her all to formal tone.

“I have signed a contract with Mistress Tea for you to be her slave for the next 48 hours. She has full authority to deal with you and your behavior as she sees fit. Now strip for your new Mistress so she can prepare you for transport. I will see you when you return.”

Mistress Tea was no longer trying to hide her smile as she watched the dejection grow on MJ’s face as she stripped before her. She was finally getting to do what she had wanted to for a long time. “You are getting just what you deserve,” she told MJ before plugging her ears and pulling the hood back over her head. “Just what you deserve,” she said again quietly as she snapped the locks on MJ’s posture collar. It is great when a plan comes together, Tea thought to herself. And this one is brilliant.

– — • — –

MJ screamed into her gag yet again as Tea pulled another wax strip off of her leg. This waxing was seeming to take forever and Tea seemed much more interested in causing pain than in efficiently removing the hair from her legs. Or maybe it was taking so long because Tea had started with the chest. And then the bikini. Wax on, wax off, scream. Lather, rinse, repeat.

– — • — –

Tea stepped back from MJ’s hanging form to admire her handiwork. Still attached to the ceiling by her posture collar, she now devoid of all hair from the neck down. Smooth as a baby’s bottom. And the sissy pink, high-gloss polish on all of her nails made her look positively cute.

Tea pulled up the diaper over MJ’s smooth legs and duct taped the tabs in place. After filling MJ’s diaper with a quart of the special oatmeal mixture she had whipped up earlier, Tea finished duct taping the bottom of the diaper to ensure MJ wouldn’t be able to get away from the slimy texture. The pink plastic panties ensured that nothing would be able to leak out before the diaper was removed, which was to be a good long time.

[![](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2009/03/btsp_090306-004t.jpg)](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2009/03/btsp_090306-004s.jpg) [![](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2009/03/btsp_090306-005t.jpg)](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2009/03/btsp_090306-005s.jpg) [![](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2009/03/btsp_090306-007t.jpg)](http://cdpunishment.com/institute/images/2009/03/btsp_090306-007s.jpg)

Tea liked the look with just the diaper, but knew she had to finish the entire outfit. A black corset overlapping the plastic pants to ensure they couldn’t be removed. Black pantyhose and girdle panties to finish covering her lower half, then a huge bra and tits to match on the top. MJ’s underwear look was then finished up with cuffs locked on her ankles and wrists and shiny, black-patent stilettos.

Tea paused again before unhooking MJ from the ceiling. She looked just like a dress-up doll, but with a few extra (hidden) features. She smiled again as she slipped the pink dress over MJ’s head and attached the pink leash to lead her out of the basement.

– — • — –

MJ felt the squish as she sat down in Tea’s car. She had no idea what Tea had put in her diaper, but it felt like the first squashing of a new movement, as it spread from the center to cover the entire backside. It had a familiar smell to is, but at least it didn’t smell like the real thing.

She had expected to be tied in the back, but she was sitting in what she assumed was the front seat as Tea strapped her seatbelt on. She hoped that the car had tinted windows as she felt it roll out of the driveway–she surely didn’t want her neighbors to see her like this. After that, she wasn’t sure it would really matter as no one would know who she was. MJ tried to lean back an enjoy the rest of the short ride to Tea’s house and was glad when the car stopped in what she hoped was the garage. Now she just had to wait for Tea to let her out. And she kept waiting and waiting for what seemed like hours. Unable to figure out what was keeping her new Mistress, MJ used her diapers for their intended purpose and started to doze. It had been a busy day.

– — • — –

Tea was relieved when she finally pulled into the garage—the first part of the plan had gone off without a hitch. As she got out of the car and shut the door she knew that MJ would be fine in the car for a while—it’s not like she could go anywhere.

Tea walked to the side of the garage and shed the clothes she had been wearing. It’s much more comfortable this way anyhow she thought as she shut the heavy metal cuffs on her wrists and ankles. A spreader bar between her ankles and a vibrator to keep hold of in her pussy completed the outfit. Tea snapped her wrists into the overhead hook and pulled down slightly to activate the winch, which kept pulling until her feet just barely brushed the ground.

Now all slave tea had to do was wait for her master to arrive.


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Oh MJ i do so like this one. So Mistress tea is a sub to someone else? And Mj is stuck in the car? What will happen?

@Sissysarah: Yes, it would appear that Mistress Tea is actually slave tea. And MJ is stuck bound in the car until someone comes to get her. (But, that’s not so bad. slave tea is left naked, hanging by her wrists until someone comes for her.)

MJ got the worst of this – Bound, dildoed, waxed and diapered. She must have been very naughty and probably deserved it

@sissy billy: I am hoping you realize that this is a Fictional story (and hence the “Fiction” tag). Nothing in this story actually happened.

No I did not and I have already been told by Mistress Amber that I better start reading more carefully.

@sissy billy: Yes. Mistress Amber really hates it when people don’t pay attention to what is said and she has to remind them about it.

Thank You for the advice Myckie Jo. I have already paid the penalty for not reading carefully. I often read way to quickly and my reading comprehension is poor as Mistress Amber has told me several times. I am trying to slow down and even take notes in my log of what she wants. I hope I am getting better, but I am not sure I am getting better quick enough for Mistress Amber.

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