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With Crumpets – Chapter 2 – Contractually Obligated

MJ wasn’t sure what all happened after she opened the door. Mistress M seemed excited and welcomed in Mistress Tea, but Mistress Tea never said anything, and with the blindfold and hood, MJ had no idea who she was. The worry about the identity of this mysterious Tea was soon forgotten as MJ found herself laying on what seemed like a picnic table bench. With a quickness and strength MJ rarely saw, M soon had her in an upside down hogtie. After tightening some straps around her legs and replacing the gag, MJ assumed that M must be pleased. At least she had finished fiddling.

“I’m sorry I can’t offer you some coffee, Mistress Tea,” M started, “my maid is a bit tied up at the moment. At least I can offer you this much more comfortable seat.”
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