Relief for sissy billy

sissy billy has been very patient in her training, but has become a bit needy in the past few weeks. (I think this is why Mistress Rosemarie wanted her sissy to wear a clitty cage full time.)

> I have been laying in bed trying to go to sleep and I have an enormous erection. I laid on my back so as not to have an orgasm. It has subsided, but I have only milked my sissy clitty the one weekend of the wedding punishment and that was as directed by the punishment. Since the end of March I have only made love with my sissy clitty that one weekend. I have been so careful because you said that if I did have an orgasm and milk was to come out that the punishment was something that I did not ever want to know about.

> In that same email cautioning me not to milk my sissy clitty or else suffer a terrible punishment, you also suggested that I not wish for something that I might not like. I has been so long since my last orgasm, that I am willing to accept any consequences. Please Mistress Amber, I am wishing for you to give me your permission to milk my sissy clitty.

> I am afraid of the consequences, but I am desperate for making love to my sissy clitty.

So, as requested, I am giving sissy billy what she thinks she wants. She is to dress up as she did in day 4 of her yet to be published clothespin punishment with a couple of changes and re-iterations:

* High heels will be worn
* The pink diaper cover will be super-stuffed.
* One quart of ice cold water will be poured into the disposable diaper immediately after putting it on.
* The bra will be properly stuffed—the balloons used in the recent pictures were not sufficient.

Once dressed, she will play both part’s in [this video from Kaya][1]. She will pull out her sissy clitty and perform the part of Kaya’s master. She will then pull the diaper back up and perform the part of Kaya.

sissy billy will post the results of this punishment before she is allowed to take the clothespins off. The remainder of the clothing will remain in place for six hours following the posting of her punishment.



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Good Evening Mistress Amber
A sissy should be patient and wait to be trained by her Mistress as her Mistress deems is appropriate and in the time frames that she feels is correct. I have made so many mistakes in the past few weeks and have been totally confused. I have asked many questions when Mistress Amber has stated that she was exceptionally busy. I apologize for being needy (perhaps the correct term is annoying) and asking so many questions. I will try to be more considerate of Mistress Ambers schedule and time.
I was forewarned about the consequences by Mistress Amber and was told to be careful about I wished for. I did not listen to the good advice given and was weak in making a wish with consequences that I did not think about. I anticipated a punishment similar to others that I have been given and thought the trade off was worth a moment of pleasure. As is normal for me lately, I was wrong. The consequences are something I thought I would never experience and something I would never have to do.
As I have learned from Mistress Amber, I can never go back and will accept her punishment for my very very unwise wish. I will dress the part as outlined and play both the part of Kaya’s master in pleasure and the disgusting act that Kaya is made to perform. As the followup to this act is lengthy I will complete the assingment tomorrow night. I will also heed Mistress Amber’s reprimand that I have not completed my posting of my previous assignment and attempt to complete that tonight so that all may know of my Day 4 Punishment experience. sissy billy

@sissy billy: I’m surprised that you thought this activity is “something I thought I would never experience and something I would never have to do”. Mistress Rosemarie has been eager for this for quite a while and is was something she is very interested in, making it quite irrelevant what you think.

@Amber Shummer
I really never thought I would play the part of Kaya. This is something a girl does, not me. I never thought of having to do this and now that it is me I realize how disgusting it will be to do. I do know why Mistress Rosemarie has been thinking about this for a long time and I do know why I will have to tell her how I like it. I am so sorry Mistress Rosemarie. This was a wish I wish I never made.

@sissy billy: You keep saying “that is for girls, not me”. No wonder you have been so confused recently. I would have thought that having you suck on a cock gag for the past few weeks would have helped you with this misconception. Apparently not.

You are right Mistress Amber. I am a sissy girl and should start behaving like one. This was not expected and if I had been paying closer attention to my lessons I would not have been insensitive and demean girls by saying what I did. I have been laying awake in bed and thinking like you know I often do. Before Mistress Rosemarie went to sleep she told me: “Everything is different now and it was time I got use to it.” I should have learned from my training with the penis gag, but I did not and thought of it only a punishment to endure. I should have approached the cock gag as a way for me to learn how to suck like s sissy girl should and show Mistress Amber that I am a good sissy girl. I imagine that I will have lots more practice now with the cock gag. I have watched the Kaya video several times and I am going to treat this as a Broadway play. I will add lines and play the part of Kaya with passion. The play will be posted for all to see and comment like Broadway critics and I will try to be the star of the play. I hope that I will perform so well that I will move on to other plays and not have to continue starring in this one. The play is scheduled for tomorrow night and I will post the complete play tomorrow evening. sissy billy will be starring as Kaya.

@sissy billy: You will star in this one until you get it right and until I think you have learned your lesson about this “disgusting act”.

@Amber Shummer I have starred in this play and I hope that I have presented it well. I have submitted the post and also forwarded all the pictures for your critique of my performance and hopefully my demonstration that I have learned my lesson. I look forward to your review and appraisal of my performance.

Can’t wait to see sissy billy staring in this one, I just think that she should have a plug inserted well up her rosebud in addition.Doing it without is too tame.

Be carefull what you suggest sissy alison. Mistress Katzenburg takes carefull notes and you may find yourself starring in this as well with that same plug up your sissy vagina.
sissy billy

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