sissy billy Freed from Chastity?

Back when Mistress Amber was in charge of sissy billy’s training, she put him in state of sexual deprivation (which was sometimes enforced by locking up his sissy-clitty). Now that I am in charge of her training, I have decided to lift this restriction. sissy billy will have free access to make love to her sissy clitty if she:

* Wears panties full time
* Wears pantyhose under her suit when she dresses for work
* Keeps a relief diary where she writes down all of the fantasies she has while making love

To make it fairer for sissy billy, I will even give the opportunity to choose her option on a month-by-month basis, starting with November. She can either have unfettered access till the end of the month, or will spend it chaste, locked inside a sissy clitty prison. The choice is hers.


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Good Evening My Superior, Mistress Myckie Jo Katzenburg. I thank you very much for this consideration and will immediately start wearing panties full time (I assume this means whenever I would normally wear men’s underwear – I do sleep naked at nights) and I will wear pantyhose under my suit. I will keep a relief diary noting my many and varied fantasies will making love to my sissy-clitty. I do have a question? I have previously been directed by you to post all of the assignments and punishments administered by you. Should I post my relief and fantasy after each episode of relief or on a periodic basis? Thank You again My Superior, Mistress Myckie Jo Katzenburg and will proceed immediatly with the start of it. sissy billy

Thank You Mistress Amber. When I click on this page I go to another post. May I ask, is this page private (not that it matters since as a sissy I am not allowed privacy).

Yes, of course. Thank You Mistress Amber. I am about to Make Love to my sissy clitty and will put my first entry into my diary as soon as I am done.

I have been given additional direction and instructions from My Superior, Mistress Myckie Jo Katzenburg. I must notify her if I am to opt out of the program and wear my sissy-clitty cage for the month of December instead. I was not sure if I had to accept my assignment for December by this date. The thought of having to wear my sissy-clitty cage for a whole month is a scary thought as I was not able to wear it for even a few days (see past assignments and posts). I therefore fully accept my assignment of wearing Ladies Panties and Pantyhose forever and I will keep my diary as directed. Thank You My Superior, Mistress Myckie Jo Katzenburg. Formally accepted, sissy billy

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