Maggie Rae: So It Begins…

I am beginning a new saga here at The Institute—starting a new year of training and assignments, punishments and torments I don’t even want to think about. My new training will take place in the form of a serial story, written by Mistress Katzenburg. Each week, a new chapter will be added to the story, and with it a new, humiliating assignment for me to perform for the pleasure of all of you. Typically, the new chapter of the story will be posted during the middle of the week—often Wednesday, but Tuesday and Thursday postings will not be uncommon either. Once you’ve seen the story, check back on Sunday night to see me put through another humiliating ordeal as I complete the week’s assignment. How long will my new training last? It’s hard to say, but it doesn’t look like it will be ending anytime soon…

Now, without any further delay, our story begins…

>Sarah choked on the soapy dick that has been shoved down her throat. It had might have been worse had she not been half expecting it. Each time they had showered together recently, her boyfriend had taken to waiting till he was all soaped up and then shoving it in her mouth. This time had been even more vicious as he pulled out just long another to put another long squirt of the body wash in her mouth.

>Sean smiled and laid back on the bed–he knew what was coming: Him—after another one of Sarah’s mind blowing blow jobs. After all of the bragging he had done in the last year, he expected that all of the other guys at school knew about her talents too. Sean was a lot of things—captain of the football team, class president, prom king—He was better than you, and he would let you know it. He never missed an opportunity to torment his lessers, and he had slept with nearly half the girls in his class. While they would never say it to his face, he was pretty much universally hated by everyone at school—they sucked up to him because they were afraid of him. Speaking of sucking…

>Sarah was the pick of the school—the daughter of parents with nearly infinite resources, they had spoiled her in nearly every way imaginable. Even in high school, more about her was fake than natural—she had tits that would make a porn star blush, her face was the image of plastic perfection, and she had a perfect tan all throughout the year. While at first she had been thrilled to be the girlfriend of the most popular guy in school, she had quickly learned how much of a vile creep he could be. She gagged as Sean dug his fingers into the back of her scalp—Sean loved to force his cock down her throat and hold it there until she cried, but he never failed to pull out and douse her face—the image of her fake perfect face covered cum and tears only served to turn him on even more. This time was no different, and he fell back smugly on the bed as he deigned to allow her to clean herself—life was good.

>Sean was all ready to roll out of bed when he felt his cock spring back to life as she slowly exhaled near his ear and did a double take when she jumped up and said in her sultry voice, “Wait just a minute. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

>Sean was in heaven. He had no idea what Sarah had planned, but every time that she had blindfolded him and tied him spread eagle had worked out well before. Vulnerability was for weaker men—even in this position, he knew he had nothing to fear from his broken little princess—after all, no one that pulled any crap with him got away with it.

>Sarah moved with practiced grace as she dipped her hand into the melted menthol gel and then spread it on to his throbbing cock. “Here’s just a little warming gel to help improve your mood. Let me just massage it in for you for a few.”

>Sean was livid. He had no idea what Sarah was up to, only that his dick felt like it was on fire–and it wasn’t getting any better. He tore angrily at the bonds holding him firmly to the bed and lashed out blindly at his tormenter—when he was free, she was going to have a black eye for this.

>”I don’t know what’s going on,” Sarah explained demurely. “It was just supposed to get a little warm. Let me see if I can rub some of it off.”

>If only Sean could have seen her slathering more on while claiming innocence. As it was, he was about to break free and kill her.

>”Oh, I think I know what you need now,” Sarah whispered in Sean’s ear. “I’ll help you out with a little tongue action and then we can head on down to the pizza joint so you can show me off. I know how much you like that.”

>The thought of giving him a rim job and then being paraded around as Sean’s plaything for another weekend made her stomach turn and flesh crawl, but it was all for the better. At least this would be the last weekend of that.

>With the gel cooling down, Sean’s temper subsided. The gel had been an accident at all, and the tender ministrations of Sarah’s tongue put the former pain from his mind. Visions of marching his little plastic slut past crowds of her peers quickly took over and Sean was back in heaven.

>As she finished up, having untied him and cleaned him out well, she quickly inserted a mini-enema and squeezed out the contents. Sarah then ripped off his blindfold, flashed a cheerleader grin and yelled, “Come on you. The sooner we get there, the sooner we can get back here for some more fun.”

>Having not understood the gravity of what she said, Sean had his jeans and shirt on in 2 minutes and followed her out the door.

>Sean just didn’t feel right. He hadn’t felt good since they had gotten there. At least he had managed to finagle his way to sitting on the bench between Sarah and her best friend Becky. While Sarah may have been the best catch at the school, Becky was close behind–and Becky could give way better head (as he had found out several times). he was still working on a way to get them both all to himself.

>Sean squirmed in his seat as his discomfort increased. While he normally would have gone to the restroom to pass a little gas, it was out of order. So he leaned over toward Becky and squeezed off a little one. But it wasn’t. The enema he had been slipped did its work and when he tried to pass a little, he completely loaded his underwear. To his horror, and the amusement of everyone else at the table, the smell was as bad as the noise and for the first time he could remember, he had no idea what to say or do…


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Happy New Year Maggie Rae, It excites me to see You getting ready for the new curriculum. This sissy wanna-be will be following every assignment completed and anticipating the next story part.

I guess You graduated 2013. Gonna be missed.

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