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Stacy Skye: Password Punishment

Since I don’t have as much time to go and train Stacee Skye as I would like, I have come up with a few ideas for just keeping her reminded about what has happened and what may be coming in her future. One of these is that for her day job, she is only allowed to use passwords that I pick out.

Passwords like Wh1pped! and P4ddled! remind her of the times that Mistress M has blistered her ass. More recently she was reminded (though 200Wood$) that if she fails to make good decisions (or any decision at all), Mistress M will not hesitate to lay into her. This time, it was a full 200 strokes with the heavy wooden paddle.

Then there were the passwords after she was ssSh*v3d, ssSp*nk3d and turned into a S1ssyMd!. Perhaps those training sessions helped to keep her in line by reminding her who is in charge (M1stre$$) and how she should be treated (53rveM$T). And of course, I added a few passwords to reminder her of the time she was D1*pered and then conscripted to join a $0roritY.

In an effort to stave off some of the inevitable questions, here are a couple of answers:

Does she know what part of her upcoming training will be?

Is she ready for your visit?
Well I had her buy a couple of the things I will require when she was out shopping tonight, but she was not thrilled with the purchase. In fact, when I picked out her next password a couple of weeks ago, which gave her the shopping list, she told me where I could stick those items. I am planning return her kindness in a similar vein.

Will I post what her current password is?

Stacee Skye: Calculating a Punishment

As part of the activities earlier this week, Stacee Skye had to visit two women who were willing to par with some used clothing they no longer needed. I’m not sure what story Stacee Skye was using when she met these women in person, partially dressed–who knows, she might have even told them the truth. In any case, many of the fashion choices are likely to be questionable. (Not that Stacee Skye did any better when she went to pick out her own clothes when Mistress M took her out shopping.)

So my recommendation for meting out the punishment earned earlier this week is to turn her into a Fashion Model.

First Stacee Skye is to get dressed up in some under clothes that would make the outer clothes look a bit better. (I would suggest starting with her penis harness, black corset, G-string, tights, girdle panties, jumbo black bra, forms and high heels. Then her ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs and posture collar (all locked on) would ensure she knew who was in charge. Finally, for all of the trouble she’s given me this week, I would put a hood and gag her–maybe even blindfold and plug her ears, just it make it more difficult–but I’m feeling especially evil right now.)

Then, she is to

  • puts on each piece of clothing
  • hits the shutter on the camera
  • pose for that picture, and
  • get in position for the judging

Judging for each piece of clothing is done on a scale of 1 (“That looks so cute on you”) to 10 (“That is hideous, I never want to see it again” or “That doesn’t fit”). An optional rating is 20 (“That is so cute–I’m putting it in my closet”). The score is then paddled to Stacee Skye who must give it correctly, or it will be repeated.

And she has a few new pieces of clothing to repeat this with:

  • 7 pairs of pants
  • 6 shirts
  • 4 sweaters
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 dress
  • 1 skirt/blouse combo (2 pieces)
  • 1 peach pants suit (3 pieces)
  • 5 sleeping gowns
  • 2 sleeping pants sets (2 pieces)
  • 2 bras

If Mistress M loves everything (highly unlikely) then its a paltry 35 strokes, unless she wants to put everything in her closet (even more unlikely) when it zooms up to 700 strokes. Assuming a mid-range score for every item leads to 175, but my scientific method of prediction leads to a guesstimated total of 300. It could be a long evening for Stacee Skye.

As nice (and random) as this modeling might be, given her plans to use Stacee Skye as a Ladies Maid during her next training session, it may be better to just stick with the tried and true. (And besides, it was after this activity that I “encouraged” Stacee Skye to practice her bikini trimming skills on herself, at the suggestion of Mistress M of course. Apparently Mistress M likes to have her husband “all neat & smooth”.) Stacee Skye had just one task to complete on Thursday: take a front view picture of herself wearing each of her bras with two sizes of forms (three with the larger bras).

She had a few rules to follow:

  • Take the one picture with each set of forms
  • Take the pictures in order, smallest forms to largest
  • Do the jumbo bras last

She had a few steps to follow:

  • Put on the bra and proper forms
  • Walk to the camera
  • Press the shutter button
  • Walk to the pose location (without touching the bra)
  • Pose straight ahead
  • Wait for the picture
  • then, repeat

And the only time limitation she had was that she couldn’t be slow as molasses–if the camera turns times out and shuts down (after five minutes) or runs out of batteries then the assignment is failed.

With 10 regular bras (2 pictures each) and 4 jumbo (3 pictures each), it was only 32 pictures for her to take. [Like last time][distaster], the results were disastrous. (Again they were so bad, I didn’t even allow her to post them on her weblog.) Out of all of the pictures she took:

  • All 32 had two locks missing from her collar. (1 point)
  • All 32 had two of the three locks missing from her gag. (1 point)
  • There were 20 forms showing outside the bras. (This is better than last time, but still horrible.) (1 point)
  • One of the sets of pictures were taken out of order (3 points)
  • One pictures was taken twice (3 points)
  • 23 of the pictures were out of focus (5 points)

She made a gallant attempt, but she apparently hasn’t learned to clip the bra on behind her back and the long line bra does not spin well at all. By the time she finally managed to get it spun around, one of the (removable) straps had popped off. So she pulled off the other strap and tied to do it strapless. This worked well for the two smaller forms, but there was no way the larger forms would work. It was all for naught anyway, she failed completely (50 points) because she let the camera turn off.

She could have snapped a throw away picture (3 points), but she chose total failure. I even made it easier for her by not putting her into high heels and not putting a real blindfold under the hood. Those two gimmes are definitely worthy of the same punishment as her failure, 50 points each.

The grand total if Mistress M uses this method of counting? Four-hundred and nineteen strokes with a punishment implement. I can only hope that Mistress M follows through on her promise “blister that beautiful ass“–her husband sure needs it.

Epilogue (Late on Thursday):

So while I’ve been toiling away writing up her punishment tonight, Stacee Skye has been taking it easy, trying on some new clothes and generally making a nuisance of herself. She was supposed to be cleaning the bathroom in preparation for her training session with Mistress M, but apparently she couldn’t be bothered.

Since she didn’t start cleaning the house, and I’ve finished her punishment suggestions, I’ve sent her outside to wait for me to call. When she figures out that I’ve just gone home to get some sleep, she’ll check this site and then start fussing and cussing when she sees what I hope Mistress M will do to her. Goodness knows she deserves it.

My Only Regret

During my previous visit, Stacee Skye called Mistress M and begged her not to come home and use the paddle on her. Apparently she had already forgotten, or didn’t realize that I would give the list of reasons she she be punished (which I had her write out herself) to Mistress M when she got home:

Mistress M,
There are the reasons that I deserve to have my skirt raised and be paddled. All of these have occurred during the brief time you have been gone. Mistress Amber would prefer for you to assign a level for each infraction.
* I did not put on my collar without being told
* I ignored the firm request for forms
* I wasted 4 balloon forms
* I made a mess at the bathroom sink
* I made a mess at the basement sink
* I am not wearing the tight corset
* I let my stockings have a run
* I made a mess on my shirt
* I am not wearing my high heels

Of course, after she was finished, I added a second page of recommendations, since she wasn’t good enough to sign the end of her letter:

Hopefully Stacee Skye will have corrected all of these items before you arrive back. In addition, you should find her with a hood over her blind fold and ear plug with her posture collar locked on, sitting primly on the edge of the bed, gagged with her cuffs clipped together. She was instructed to fix herself up like this after I left and I know you will give her hell if you find her otherwise.
— Amber

The only loose end from this training (that Mistress M didn’t beat out of her), was her refusal to put in the original forms I brought for her. So I came back Saturday, and I hope you like the results:

Beach Balls 1

Beach Balls 2

My only regret is that I didn’t have enough time to get her into a smaller corset and to wrap her little package in a tight little bundle. Oh well, there is always next time…

Stacy Skye: What Doesn’t Work

While Mistress M was out getting her toes done last night, I got Stacee Skye ready so that Mistress M could have some fun when she returned. It was supposed to be a fun night, but Stacee Skye never seems to get anything done right. Here is the last picture I took of her before I left. She was getting ready to call Mistress M to beg her not to paddle her when she got home. (It didn’t work.)


After this picture was taken, I supervised Stacee Skye as she locked on her posture collar, put on her hood (over ear plugs and a blindfold) and then gagged herself. After putting a strap around her knees, I clipped her ankles together, set her on the bed and clipped her wrists together and left her for Mistress M to do with as she wanted.

Stacy Skye on March 29, 2001

Back when I first started training Stacee Skye, she had a very limited selection of clothing–but I did the best I could with what I had to work with. From the looks of it, I must have been training her to be a street walking whore:

Street Walking Whore

And just take a gander at those knee-high patent leather platform boots with 6 inch heels. I’ll have to break those out again.

Knee-High Patent Leather Platform Boots

And finally, there was position training for being paddled. I’ve never paddled her myself, but I wanted to make sure she had plenty of practice for when Mistress M was ready for her to bend over and take it.

Paddling Position Practice

Stacee Skye’s Sentencing

In a comment via Yahoo 360, sissie maid jenna said that Stacee Skye should be required to write “i am a worthless slut” 100 times with perfect handwriting before being allowed to go to bed.

I like the intent of what maid jenna is trying to do, but I think it could be spiced up a little bit. So I came up with this sentence for Stacee Skye to write when this punishment is implemented:

my name is stacee skye, the big titted slut puppy,
a panty wearing bimbo sissy with huge fake breasts who needs to  
   have her cuffs and collar locked on her to keep her from removing them,  
   be gagged to prevent her constant back talk,  
   be corseted to improve her figure,  
   be forced to wear the highest heels to improve her gait,  
   be corrected with a wooden paddle to be reminded Mistress is always right,  
   have clothespins applied to show it can always get worse, and  
be trained  
   as a sissy maid to learn the importance of serving Mistress,  
   as a pain toy for Mistress' amusement,  
   as a pain slut for Mistress' whipping practice,  
   as a oral sex slave for Mistress' pleasure,  
   to sleep bound so Mistress can sleep as well, and
on occasion,  
   have a plug shoved up her ass to remind her of her place, or
   be diapered to show how bad it could get,
all with the ever-present threat of public humiliation.

I think this might get the point across a little better. Is there anything that I have forgotten?

Stacee Skye: Disasterous Results

Mistress M,

In my original email to you I had said: “I would like to say that he will be good this weekend and not give me any trouble, but we both know that will not be the case. What she needs is a severe paddling.”

I would have hope that she would have been a good girl this weekend. But alas, as expected, this was not the case. Stacee Skye had just one task to complete yesterday: take a front view and back view picture of herself wearing each of her bras. The results were disasterous. (They were so bad, I didn’t even allow her to post them on her weblog.) Out of all of the pictures she took:

  • All 26 had two locks missing from her collar.
  • There were 17 forms showing outside the bras. (The other 9 forms didn’t show, so she should have been able to prevent it.)
  • 18 of the pictures were not the required straight on view.
  • 8 of the pictures used the wrong size bra forms. (Bigger bras require bigger forms.)
  • And worst of all, 24 of the pictures were out of focus!

I had planned to use her infractions to come up with the number of licks to give her with the wooden paddle, but even if I ignore all of the other misbehavior and the insolent comments she posted, by my count she still deserves 249 strokes (1 * (26*2 + 17) + 2 * (18) + 3 * (8) + 5 * (24)).

Even I think this might be a little excessive and dropping the cost of each infraction to 1 stroke with the wooden paddle takes it down to 119 (which may be a little more reasonable). Or you could leave it at 249 switch up the implements. I’ll leave the final choice up to your judgement. I just want to make sure that Stacee Skye remembers how poorly she performed this weekend every time she goes to sit down this next week.

In other news, if you are ever in need of a bath time slave, Stacee Skye should not be able to serve you well in rubber wrist and ankle cuffs. I had her order the ankle cuffs just for this type of occasion.

I hope that the paddling goes well for you–Stacee Skye isn’t going to like it not matter what it is.

Amber Shummer &
The Ladies of the Institute

Paddling Machine

Since Mistress M is going to be out of town at the beginning of next week, I’m planning to spend some more time with Stacee Skye‘s training. Since I am not authorized to perform any corporal punishment on her, I’ve decided to have her build a paddling machine during my next visit and have her paddle herself. I have a couple of ideas that I think might work well for having her pull a rope to turn her cheeks nice and rosy. And the best part is that I just get to sit back and watch.

I don’t have a specific plan for the length of her self-inflicted paddling, but the first session is going to involve getting a series of action shots of the paddle in mid air about to strike. She’ll have to time it just right to plan the swing so that its in mid air when the time delayed shutter goes off. Up to set the camera then down to set the paddle and deliver the lick. Then after ten licks, I’ll check the camera and if she has five good action shots, the session will be over. If not, I’ll check after the next batch of 10.

This is starting to sound like fun. I may even discuss with Mistress M the possibility of giving her a real paddling when she returns. The thought of Stacee Skye thinking of me every time she goes to sit down for a week really warms my heart.

If you know of any reason that Stacee Skye should be paddled, post a comment with the infraction and what her penance should be. It’ll save me from making up reasons to send her to the machine.

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