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Eastern Europe

As some of you know, I am on a 3 week tour of Eastern Europe to learn more about training methods. Responses to emails and assignments may be spotty, though I will handle them the best I can.

Documenting the Rules 2

Pieclown, your assignment is to finish documenting the rules and regulations that I have taught you (or you have learned through trial and error). This should include all of the processes you currently follow, how to complete an assignment, how to make a website post, and so on. This is a research project. If there are original documents that you do not have access to (that you need), you must ask me for that document specifically. You are not being authorized to come up with new processes (though if you slip them in and I like them, I may keep them). Sensitive information, or information that pertains only to you should be shown as placeholders. Examples include user ids, passwords and prefixes.

You may have thought it was done before, but here is a less than the minimum list of what still needs to be completed:

  • Finish formatting the headings in the table of contents style
  • Explain tags used on posts
  • Explain (or links to) tutorials on how to make a post.
  • Add new rules, implemented since the last update.

I would add more, but I can’t remember right now what was supposed to be added. Maybe that’s why I wanted all of the rules documented in one place to begin with?


Lately, I have noticed a severe lack of proper respect being shown to the Mistresses and can not allow it to continue. Effective immediately, the following rules must be implemented when communicating here at the Institute.

  1. Clients will always refer to the Mistresses as Ma’am or by their fully titled name, i.e. Mistress Amber.
  2. Unless you are given express permission from myself, nicknames such as “Mistress A” are forbidden. 
  3. When acknowledging an assignment, use the same care in your reply that the Mistress took in crafting the assignment. For example, Pieclown‘s acknowledgment, “Hello, I see I have more writing to do.” is unacceptable.  The correct response should be similar to the following: “Mistress Amber, I accept your assignment to write a second chapter for the Cheer Me Up story series.


For every infraction of these rules, the offender will write the following statement one hundred (100) times.

I have been disrespectful to Mistress_______(insert name). From this time forward, I will address her properly and exercise care in my responses to her to avoid offending her further.

The offender will be dressed in clothing of the Mistress’ choosing and will hold a bar of soap in their mouth for the entire time needed to complete the punishment. As always, pictures will be required for verification.

As always, all clients must acknowledge these rules by posting a proper comment.

— Mistress Heavynne Yeardleigh

Cheer Me Up Story Series

When I originally started the with a Cheer Me Up story assignment, I knew that I wanted it to be a series (hence why the first one ended in a cliffhanger). I just didn’t know exactly where I wanted to go. I have since figured that out. More detailed instructions will be assigned later, but this is the overall structure the stories will start out with:

  1. Cliffhanger – The chapter ends with a cliff hanger.
  2. Revelation – The chapter includes a surprising revelation (or plot twist) about one of the main characters.
  3. Concurrent Flashback – The chapter is a flashback which occurs during (1) or (2), which involves another main character. During the chapter the character must have an opportunity to interact with the characters in the main story line, but they are not required to do so. (If this is confusing, think of the movie Pulp Fiction.)
  4. Cliff Hanger 2 – Back at the main story, the chapter again ends with a cliff hanger.
  5. Integration – The concurrent flashback merges with the main story line
  6. Short 1 – A short vignette, peripherally related to the main story.
  7. Choices – The majority of the chapter is based on a choice made by one of the characters, and it ends with a open ended choice. (If the choice is to be made by a person based in reality, who is not the author, that person will be required to make the choice. Otherwise, I will make it. The answer will be delivered with the assignment for Chapter 9.)
  8. Short 2 – A short vignette, peripherally related to the main story.
  9. Consequences – The results of the choice to be made at the end of Chapter 7 is revealed, and the consequences of it are played out.
  10. Short 3: Art – A short vignette, peripherally related to the main story, in which all of the main characters are involved in some sort of artistic project.

Though it is subject to change (or be lengthened), I have made this list available so that you might be able to plan your story out a bit better (and not be in too much of a bind when you find out what is coming next). As a general rule, I despise the use of deus ex machina. It’s just too convenient.

Update (August 2, 2009):
In order to have a single link to point back to, I am add the rest of the rules for the story here:

  • The story is to be fiction.
  • The client is to be the main character in the story.
  • The story is to be told in a third-person narrative.
  • The story is to be illustrated with at least three new pictures.

Email Issues

I think we are having difficult receiving emails at The Institute. If you have submitted an email, and have not received a reply, please post a comment to let us know that you are trying to get in contact and/or submit assignments.

Update (March 2nd):
This issue seems to have been resolved, though there are still some backlogged emails to be cleared out.

Pieclown and Treatments

Pieclown dropped me an email earlier tonight letting me know that her Rules and Regulations would not be done in time to avoid starting treatments. Then she implored, “Oh course you could be nice and say I do not have to do treatments?” I let her know that “I could, if I was in a charitable mood. Unfortunately, for you I am not. And with a pending punishment for missing part of your previous treatment, you should not push your luck.” And that’s not the worst thing for her.

Starting tomorrow I will be rejecting any pictures from sissies that are not properly named. You may want to get a move on Pieclown, cause sissies are submitting at least two pictures a day.

Update: Besides keeping me from continually reviewing the rules with new clients, one of the main reasons that I want them documented in a single place is so that I have a good reference. I just wasted time trying to find an answer about treatments, and then found that the answer from before wasn’t as clear as I thought it was.

For the purposes of determining treatments, the day an assignment is made is considered day zero. The first treatment currently starts on day four. Thus an assignment made on Thursday will start incurring treatments four days later on Monday.

Documenting the Rules

Since the time Pieclown joined The Institute I have been teaching her the rules—what to do an how to behave. This information is spread across a series of emails, posts about rules and probably half a dozen other places. And now she will be collecting it in a set of Rules and Regulations.

Pieclown, your assignment is to document all of the rules and regulations that I have taught you (or you have learned through trial and error). This should include all of the processes you currently follow, how to complete an assignment, how to make a website post, and so on. This is a research project. If there are original documents that you do not have access to (that you need), you must ask me for that document specifically. You are not being authorized to come up with new processes (though if you slip them in and I like them, I may keep them). Sensitive information, or information that pertains only to you should be shown as placeholders. Examples include user ids, passwords and prefixes.

I will not by judging your work, rather the quality will be judged when the next client tries to follow your set of rules. (At the current time, I assume this will be Sissy Sarah, assuming she follows through with the rest of her application process by the end of the weekend.) You will be punished for her mistakes due to a lack of documentation. The punishments will likely be similar to treatments and will increase in severity for each incident according to the Fibonacci sequence. (That is 1 day, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 5 days and so on. If your rules are poor and allow her to make 5 mistakes, the 5th will be worth 5 days punishment, for a total of 12 days. If your rules are so horrendous as to allow 10 mistakes, the 10th will earn you 55 days for a total of 143 days of punishment. Almost 4 months of daily punishment. I can assume this is not what you want. If it gets to this point though, you should just assume that you will be wearing at least a bra and panties full time until 2010 in addition to your normal assignments and punishments.)

Looking at You

  1. Have you ever looked at something so long that you realized what seemed like a good idea at the time, really just grates on your nerves? The theme for the site will be changing after this post.

  2. Though I see comments occasionally from a few readers, I would like to get a better sense of who is reading every day, what your background is and what you would like to see more of. If you are reading, please take a moment to make a comment on this post.

  3. Pieclown began her treatment yesterday–the second assignment in a row. I’m beginning to think that she likes being forced to wear panties and hose.

Why There Are Rules

There are rules on the names of files so that given the name of a picture, I will know what is contains and that the various versions of that picture will all be of the same content. Which is why I get extremely frustrated when the rules are flaunted.

Pieclown, your next task is to explain why some of the pictures from February 26, 2008 have duplicated names. I expect a suitable explanation and the problems to be fixed.

A Rules Based Culture

In looking at the recent client posts, I realize that I haven’t done a good job in making all of the rules that must be followed on the site all that clear. That will be rectified soon. In addition to the existing rules, I am adding a new one to help ensure that assignments and punishment are completed in a timely manner: “Treatments”.

There are now four types of objectives that may be given to a client:

  • Assignment is the default type of objective given to a client in order to train them in our methods. It will usually involve dressing, bondage and humiliation.
  • Punishment is a stronger form of an assignment, usually reserved for when clients break the rules or otherwise perform poorly. It will usually involve stricter (or longer) dressing, tighter bondage and greater humiliation.
  • Treatment is a requirement that a client brings on herself for failure to promptly complete assignments and punishments. It will involve dressing full time.
  • Task is similar to an assignment, but doesn’t involve training. It could be better described as administrative.

Treatments begin the same day that an assignment is made (or punishment given) and continue until completion. On the given day you must start wearing the prescribed daytime item under your normal clothes, and substitute your nighttime clothing for what is given. All clothing is additive, (Example: On day 10 you will be wearing what was already assigned for days 4 and 7, plus what is new for day 10.)

Day Daytime Items Nighttime Items
4 Panties Nightgown
7 Pantyhose
10 Bra Bra, Breast Forms, Panties, Pantyhose
12 Ankle Cuffs
15 Corset Ankle Cuffs, Wrist Cuffs, Collar
18 A good sized plug
20 Wrist Cuffs Ankles locked together, wrists locked together
22 Collar
25 Skirt (or slacks) Blindfold, earplugs, hood
27 Blouse
30 Breast Forms (XL) A good size plug

When the results of the assignment are posted, there will be a section at the end for treatments required. You will post a thumbnail showing each treatment with a note stating “I chose this treatment by failing to finish in a timely manner.”

Note that the treatment schedule is subject to change and may be modified at the whim of any of The Ladies, or at the request of a client. Failure to keep track of the current rules does not exempt you from following them.

Only Crackle and Pop

Last Christmas Day I wrote to Pieclown, “Due to a medical issue that I am again dealing with, responses and assignment gradings will likely be delayed” and I didn’t make my next post till the end of January. I am not planning to have as much of a work stoppage this year, but as the season rolls around I am again fighting a bout with depression.

So I am writing a few posts early, so if I can’t get to them later, it won’t be as noticeable.

And I am trying not to snap.

Responsibilities of Authors

I thought I wouldn’t have to remind the clients that have been given special posting privileges that they are not to try to read what they don’t have access to, but alas I must. Any other attempts to circumvent the access controls will result in account revocation–which may happen anyway if an apology is not posted in the comments. Soon.

Amber Shummer Revealed

This post is to declare that pieclown’s apology is finished–I do not care if it was completed or not. Normally, Amber Shummer does a good job training, but it is time to move on. She should be a good trainer–I trained her. Perhaps I can have Amber teach me more about how this works as soon as her punishment is finished.

— Mistress Heavynne Yardleigh

Gnashing of Teeth

So after much gnashing of teeth (and applications of the paddle) the web-slaves finally got it together and moved this web log back to the location that it should have been. They even found a spiffy new design to start monkeying with.

Perhaps, after tonight, I won’t make them sleep in the dog cages anymore–they need a few nights hogtied by the bed.

Back in a Groove

After being on medical leave for a while, I am coming back slowly and hope to return to full activity soon. In an attempt to simplify the site administration, the base page for this weblog moved. You’re looking at the new location.

It is good to be back.

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