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Fantasy Island – 9 “The Bridal Shower”

As I walked off the boat and up the Ramp the Mistress of Fantasy Island was waiting to greet me. With a smile, she asked me how she could help a Sissy like myself. I was humiliated as usual when she asked me like that, but with a stammer and a stutter I said that it was always my Dream to be a Bride and to be married to my Mistress.

She clapped her hands with glee and summoned several of her helpers. Looking at me, she said that before I became a Bride and before the Wedding, that of course there had to be a Bridal Shower.

They took me off to the Beauty Salon and started to prepare me for my Bridal Shower. As always I knew this was going to be embarrassing, but I wanted to be a Bride and a Bridal Shower was also a big part of my Dream. To be dressed up in a very feminine dress and to be given a Bridal Shower by all of my Mistress’s Girlfriends was both exciting and humiliating.

I exited the Salon and felt lovely as I was escorted to the Bridal Shower Reception at the local Restaurant. I paused before the doors were opened and I entered.

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Fantasy Island – 8 “If you act like a Baby…”

The end of my last Fantasy was absolute retribution by all the other sissy clients for my power trip as a Mistress and the meanness that a real Mistress would not have shown.

I cried and screamed and yelled some very un-sissy-like words. I have to admit though that it was deserved.

Finally they brought me back to the Mistress of the Island and they themselves returned to the “Institutes’s Training Center” which was located on the far side of the Island.

The Mistress of Fantasy Island then told me that since I had acted like a Baby, then I would be treated like a Baby

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Fantasy Island – 7 ” Mistress for a Day or a Few Minutes”

As I was traveling to Fantasy Island on my next visit I was thinking about how much I had been punished and how much it had hurt and how much it was terribly humiliating.

I thought – How nice if it was I that was the Mistress and I was in charge of training and punishing the sissy clients.

The more I thought about it the more my sissy mind got the better of me. When I approached the Mistress of Fantasy Island I just blurted out that I wanted to be the Mistress of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment”

I was amazed when she just smiled and said OK.

I could hardly control myself. I followed one of her helpers to get dressed in what I thought was proper Mistress Attire. I even came up with a mask like Mistress Katzenburg’s hood. Well, not quite – it was actually a pair of lacy thong panties. In my mind it was perfect though.

I was taken to the “Institute” and led into a room of sissy clients. I could hardly contain myself. I instructed one to bend over and immediately spanked her until she cried. Several others I inserted butt plugs into their sissy vaginas and issued other assignments.

How much fun was this?

Then the door opened and in walked Mistress Katzenburg. I almost fainted on the spot.

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Fantasy Island – 6 “Attending Church on Sunday”

My last visit to Fantasy Island proved to be very stressful. In hopes of a quiet and peaceful Sunday I thought I would make a wish to just attend Church which would give me an Hour or so of peaceful quiet and to think about my life as a sissy of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment”.

The Mistress of the Island told me she thought that was an excellent idea and asked if I wished to attend Church with her. Not thinking anything could be wrong with her invitation, I accepted. She called one of her girls and told me to go with her. Church on Fantasy Island was not a place that you wore pants to. She said her girl would pick out a nice dress for me.

I thought that was a great idea. I do love to wear pretty dresses.

After an hour of fixing I was presented to the Mistress wearing stockings, white heels and a feminine conservative white dress. She also gave me a scarf (Ladies always wear something on their heads to Church) and Gloves (Proper Ladies also wear gloves to Church). Mistress smiled and told me I looked Lovely.

We walked to Church with several other Ladies from the Mistress’s Office and it was a delightful Sunday Walk. As we turned up the Church Walk I noticed for the first time the name of the Church.

The First Women’s Church of Fantasy Island

I should have thought something strange with the name, but did not. I entered talking with the other Ladies.

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Fantasy Island – 5b “The After-Party”

My First Prom was all that I wished for or could expect. But, as often happens at a Girl’s Prom, things take an unexpected turn.

I apparently passed out after drinking too much wine. I am told that I passed out on the Bed and what came after was a Dream … or Was it?

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Fantasy Island – 5 “My Prom Night”

It has been my dream to be invited to a Prom and to wear a pretty feminine Prom Gown with all the accessories. A full flowing Pink Prom Gown with a full Crinoline Slip and Pink High Heel Shoes. On this visit to Fantasy Island I asked the Head Mistress to help my Dream come true.

I was quickly scurried off to the Bridal and Prom Gown Salon to pick out a scrumptious feminine Prom Gown and start me on my way to attending my first Prom as a Girl.

I was so excited when I emerged from the Women’s Salon in the prettiest Prom Gown and fresh from the Beauty Salon where my hair had been done and makeup applied. They even did my nails in the prettiest pink nail polish. I was so excited.

I was then escorted to the Prom and at the Entrance had my picture taken for my Girlie Album.

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Fantasy Island – 4 “Being a Little Girl” – Part 1

I have always wanted to be a Little Girl. Little Girls always have a lot of fun and they get to dress up so Pretty. I entered Fantasy Island dressed as a pretty and feminine Girl and asked if I may be a Little Girl with no Worries.

Then the Mistress of the Island looked me straight in the eye and with a smile, told me I would have no worries, but that I must start at the begining. Now where do Girls start. Naturally they start as Little Baby Girls.

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Fantasy Island – 3 “Director of Nursing”

At one time I thought how great it would be to be a Director of Nursing. Even better the Director in a Private Clinic where there would be no regulations. I would be the Boss of all those Women and would be able to get back at all those women who did not understand me and always seemed to be domineering and dominant over me.

So, on this trip to Fantasy Island, I said that I wanted to be the Director of Nursing of a Private Women’s Clinic of only Female Doctors and Nurses. I was granted my wish and showed up for my first Day of Work as Director of Nursing. I even dressed appropriately as the Director of Nursing. White Blouse, pale pink Skirt and a Red Crinoline to add a feminine touch, stockings and white 2″ High Heels.

A tough lesson to learn when you visit Fantasy Island is to be very specific in what you wish. Mine did not turn out the way I thought it would.

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Fantasy Island – 2 “A Pajama Party”

From the time I was young I always wanted to go the Girl’s Pajama Parties. They always seemed like they would be a lot of fun. I would hear my older Sister talk about the Pajama Parties she went to and how all the girls would wear pretty, frilly, lacy sexy Baby Doll Negligees. When my Sister had her Pajama Party I peaked and when I saw all her girl friends wearing those feminine Baby Dolls, I wished from that day to this that I would be invited to one. It never happened, since Pajama Parties were only things that girls did. I was so Jealous.

Naturally, when I had the opportunity to travel to Fantasy Island one of my first wishes was to attend a Girl’s Pajama Party. I was soon to regret my wish.

Mistress bought me a very feminine frilly red Baby Doll Negligee and frilly lace Panties. I got very excited about going to my first Girlie Negligee Party.

Until …………..

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Fantasy Island – 1 “A Maid To Serve my Mistress”

If I were to visit Fantasy Island I would want to serve my Mistress dressed in my prettiest Pink Maid outfit and please her with cleaning the house.

But first before I leave for Fantasy Island I should explain. At the beginning of the Summer I was looking at a very busy schedule with Work and Personal commitments. I asked Mistress Katzenburg to grant me a leave of Absence to fulfill what was required of me. She was kind enough to grant me this request, but I knew there would be consequences. And there are. I have requested reinstatement in “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment”.

There are some home assignments and naturally a dress code. I am fulfilling this as I type. Of Course it will not be pleasant, but I deserve whatever is assigned me for being a Cross-Dressing Sissy, no matter had bad or disgusting it may be.

Also, I am to visit Fantasy Island once a day for the next fourteen days and each day I am to live out a new sissy Fantasy and post it for all to see and to be humiliated for my actions.

Today I am a Maid performing whatever is required by my Mistress.

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