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In a Row – Maggie Rae’s Results

The assignment In a Row marks my first Institute-wide activity since I applied to be re-instituted as a fully active client, and it was an assignment that felt very familiar indeed. Since one of my earlier reinstatement assignments, Eight Legged Clean Freaks, was essentially the inspiration behind this assignment, I had a pretty good understanding of exactly what I was getting into. Being a bit of a geek helps as well, as I was already pretty well initiated into using dice to determine random attributes of my assignments which let me make good, informed decisions to minimize the length of my assignment. While this assignment was by no means pleasant, I was able to quickly and efficiently complete it with no major hiccups.

For the assignment, I (along with all the other active Institute clients) would be donning the outfit of a sissy baby maid, complete with an extremely padded super stuffed diaper, black trash bag maid’s outfit, my biggest bra and forms, and all sorts of little extras to make otherwise simple maid-ly activities that much more challenging. The assignment began, however, before we even dressed for our eventual trials.

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In a Row – Pieclown’s Results

Mistress Katzenburg has issued a new assignment. In a Row has all clients becoming diapered maids. We are to put on our bra and largest forms.

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Maggie-Rae: Reinstatement Wrap-up

When I applied to be reinstated as a member of The Institute back in January, I was given a small number of relatively easy tasks to complete before I would be formally be re-admitted. I completed those simple assignments, but I was lax in my posting of them—not only lax, but careless and rushed. Toward the end of my write-ups, I was in so much discomfort that I was just scribbling down anything that came to mind, formatting be damned. Furthermore, when Mistress Katzenburg gave me the option of reattempting the posts, I wanted no more to do with them, and so resigned myself to a new series of five punishments: Daily lessons, where I spent 4-6 hours a day in my largest bra and forms for more than a month, with nothing but panties available for underwear; Geek Girl: Subjugation of the Silver Surfer, where I had to download a large number of image galleries while dressed in a humiliating, often painful manner with extras chosen randomly; Geek Girl: Eight Legged Clean Freaks, where I was forced to clean my apartment in the extremely humiliating and uncomfortable garb of a sissy baby maid; a Sissy Inventory and a Sissy Shopping Trip, to detail for Mistress Katzenburg the sissy clothing and accessories available and to purchase new clothes for that inventory; and finally Geek Girl: Mouth of the South, a series of five uncomfortable, humiliating, downright painful tasks that I completed to the best of my ability (however badly they may have turned out).

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Hello All,

Mistress has asked me to introduce myself. This may take time as there is quite a lot to tell but I will try to keep it fun. I love fun you see, it is the one consistent theme of my new life. The farther and deeper I get into Tricia’s head the more fun I have. It can be hard work sometimes though.

I’ll begin though with the boring bit. I was born 53 years ago as a male in a hospital near Wembley Station. That makes me British and, trust me, I’m very British. I had a normal education, enjoyed university, went into IT and had three children (who are now grown up and I love dearly). I did all this by denying Tricia’s existence. I knew she was in me but was far too scared to let her out, or let anybody know about her existence. That was until my Father died. Through no fault of his I seemed more free and became determined to get Tricia out. And girl, have I done that!

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The Actual Wedding Punishment – Letter of Apology

I finally got home (It was a long drive and my hangover still had not got any better – even with anacin) and started my next punishment. I am to write a letter of apology to Mistress Amber for being a naughty sissy unable to follow simple instructions and for causing her a lot of extra work. I went to my bedroom and took off all of my clothes and first had to change my diaper. I had managed to wet it on the drive home. With the penis plug in my mouth, I performed one of the pleasant duties of this punishment and milked my sissy clitty into a new diaper. I then put on my 4XL rubber diaper cover, a big bra stuffed with ballons on the verge of exploding just like Mistress Amber has said she so likes in many of the comments made to this site and my new teal jumper to package it all together. I then put on my collar, ankle and wrist cuffs locked together and with a penis plug in my mouth crawled to my desk to write my letter to Mistress Amber. I was not allowed to stand, but with the ankle and wrist cuffs locked together, all I could do was crawl like a sissy baby should. I climbed into my desk chair and began to write my apology.
This was not a quick letter as I was to first compose a draft and then rewrite it in good handwriting so everyone could read it. It was also very difficult, because with my wrists locked together, I had to constantly pick both up and re-position them on the paper so I could write neatly.
Mistress Amber does think of little things to add to each punishment. The penis gag in my mouth was gagging me and I almost threw up several times with my upset stomach. I wanted to write fast, but had to slow down so the letter could be readable. Below is me locked and gagged in my sissy baby diapering and also attached is my letter to Mistress Amber which I sincerely mean. I hope she can forgive me for all the additional work and effort I have caused her. If only I could be a better sissy.

pieclown: Potty Mouth – Cleaned Up – IV

My most resent punishment has me paying for not doing all my treatments. I am to wear panties and a bra, every day until I get this done. I was to add panty hose on Monday, and girdle on Wednesday, if I did not post all four punishments. Me and my clown ways screwed up and thought if I started on time would not do this. Well if I had started on time and did it everyday I would b done before I need to add more clothing. This photo is from Tuesday.

Here I added pantyhose.

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pieclown: Potty Mouth – Cleaned Up – III

Third time is not a charm.

My most resent punishment has me paying for not doing all my treatments. I am to wear panties and a bra, every day until I get this done. I was to add panty hose on Monday, but I misinterpreted Mistress Amber’s instructions. She said if I started Thursday, I would not need to add any more clothes. Had I done everyday since Thursday, I would have been done on Sunday and not needed extra clothes. Well here is what I did wear.
This photo is from Sunday.

This photo is from Monday.

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pieclown: Potty Mouth – Cleaned Up – II

2nd Round

My most resent punishment has me paying for not doing all my treatments. I am to wear panties and a bra, every day until I get this done.

This photo is from Friday.

This photo is from Saturday. Mistress Amber said in a recent conversation, that I should do a photo in a sexy way. So I snapped one normal photo and a little sexier.

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pieclown: Potty Mouth – Cleaned Up – I

My most resent punishment has me paying for not doing all my treatments. I am to wear panties and a bra.

This will go on until I get my potty mouth cleaned.

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With Crumpets – Chapter 1 – MJ on Fire

As MJ came through the door from her break, she was keenly aware of the vulnerability her condition showed. A bright dress set-off the posture collar and her wrists that were locked to it. The ankle cuffs locked together just above her spiked heels insuring she couldn’t run even if she wanted to. The hood and blindfold ensuring that she couldn’t see who was watching her.

As she was walking through the house, break time over, she was reminded of this vulnerability and all of the fires burning through out her body. Continue Reading

My Flickr Favorites – StacyLovesBD

This image was originally uploaded to Flickr by StacyLovesBD.

IMG_2058_resize   Stacy looks a bit angry in this picture–but maybe it is just the huge ball gag that’s been strapped in her mouth. It’s certainly not the beautiful corset that she has on. Or the bright white rope. Or maybe there is something under her panties we just can’t see.

My Flickr Favorites – kate11210

This image was originally uploaded to Flickr by kate11210.

P1010021a   I can’t imagine why someone would put this lovely lady out with the trash, but I have to admit they did a good job of tying up the bundle. And Kate doesn’t seem to be complaining too much or trying to get away.

My Flickr Favorites – Kristi Lisa Martin

This image was originally uploaded to Flickr by kristi_lisa_martin_22.

DCP03228a   She looks so sad tied up and sitting on the edge of the bed. Perhaps she just found out it’s going to be another two hours before anyone comes to bend her over the edge of the bed and give her the spanking she needs. Or maybe it is just about to happen. Either way, cheer up Kristi.

Games: Name That Implement

Here’s a fun game you can play with your submissive. It’s a simple quiz which only requires five right answers to win. The contestant is brought into the studio, blindfolded or hooded, and tied down. The moderator makes a note of the “Number of Right Answers Required to Win”, starting it at 5. The game then starts:

  • The Mistress then picks an implement out of her toy bag and gives the contestant 10 stokes with it.

  • If the contestant is correct in naming the instrument, then the “Number of Right Answers Required to Win” is decremented. If it has reached 0 then the contestant is a winner and can be released. Otherwise, the game continues.

  • If the contestant was wrong, then she is told the name of the instrument and immediately given another twenty strokes as a refreshed. Two is added to the “Number of Right Answers Required to Win” and the game continues.

Hint: Evil mistresses know that it is not good to end the game too soon, so better submissives can be handicapped by being gagged for one or more rounds. (It’s hard to get the right answer with a gag in your mouth.)

pieclown’s apology

I got a note back from missy maid the other day:

mistress amber,

missy maid is very sorry to hear that all of miss pieclown’s pictures and video were uploaded since missy maid cannot understand why miss pieclown cannot follow the directions. missy maid was right to think that miss pieclown would find a way to cheat. missy maid is also upsets with mistress amber because missy maid knew that miss pieclown would not complete her apology correctly.

missy maid

I have already sent my apologies to missy maid, as I forgot that I must give pieclown very explicit directions. While I told her to “Get yourself dressed up, proper feminine makeup required, with properly sized and weighted breast forms…properly corseted, plugged, packaged and ball gagged,” I did not specifically mention this time that the pictures must reflect this. So there is a whole lot of pictures of her meditating and writing that all pretty much look the same.

Meditating Writing

Was there a digital clock in any of the pictures? Not a chance. (Well, there was a computer added timer, but that wasn’t quite the point.) And apparently, my directions should have said “Take readable photographs (or scan) the original apology letter.” There’s nothing like an apology you can’t read.

I did manage to catch a couple of pictures with pieclown all dolled up, so I will be sure to post those soon. As soon as I hear back from missy maid. (Maybe pieclown will feel sorry for missy maid and send some full body pictures. I am not holding my breath.)

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